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    An exhilarating experience creating memories for a lifetime at the Goomtee Resort in Darjeeling..

With the rising desire among people to have more exotic vacations coupled with the rise in the popularity of tea, especially green tea, tea tourism is becoming increasingly popular and finally realizing its potential as an amazing holiday experience. Among the best in tea tourism that India has to offer, the Goomtee Tea Retreat sits majestically in the Darjeeling hills, 8 Km from Kurseong, halfway on the Hill Cart Road that runs between the Darjeeling hill station and the plains town of Siliguri.

The retreat is located inside the Goomtee Tea Estate which is famous for its aromatic teas the world over. Established in 1899 by British tea planters and acquired by the current management in 1956, the estate is a 600-acre expanse of land with forests, mountain slopes, streams, waterfalls and tea fields.

The retreat itself is the tea planter's bungalow which has been restored to fully reflect its colonial-era heritage. It has a quaint feel to it and is decorated simply, letting the serene surroundings - the greenery of the mountainside and the lavish hues of the flower gardens - bathe it in an aura of peace and calm.

"It is the perfect escape for anyone looking to take a break from all the hustle-bustle of modern urban life," explains Mr. Ashok Kumar, a partner in the company which owns and operates the Goomtee Tea Estate and Retreat. "The clean air, the aromatic teas and the fresh international vegetarian food (+egg items) help the guests unwind and relax. Trips to the tea factory with professional tea-tasting sessions are also arranged, giving guests a rare insight into the manufacturing processes of world-class teas. Hiking sessions on the tea slopes and interactions with tea pluckers are especially enjoyed by our guests. Our library with its eclectic collection of books is also appreciated a lot."

Other activities that are popular among guests is riding on the UNESCO World Heritage Darjeeling Railway (colloquially called the 'toy train'), visiting the markets of Kurseong and exploring the Himalayan Mountaineering Insitute & Museum and the Zoological Park in Darjeeling and going to sightseeing spots to catch a glimpse of the Tiger Hill in the backdrop of the lazy sunset.

The Goomtee Tea Retreat can be reached by air via the Bagdogra Airport which is about 45 kilometers away and by train via the New Japaiguri railway station which is around 40 kilometers away. The best times to visit are March - June and September - January.

Clients Testimonials

Birds singing. Flowers pretty. Star's shining. Moon's rising. Darjeeling is nice place.

Shinichi Okada, Japan

We shall remember the beauty of Goomtee Estate. Thank you for your hospitality. Your kindness and your introduction to the tea production process.

Constantin Pavleas & Stephanie Alest, France

What a beautiful garden, and such a lovely and friendly hospitality. Now I know where to come for the most peaceful valley, and the most restorative clouds and flowers. And the best cups of tea.

Elizabeth Hightower, NM, USA

Goomtee is Temple to Tea and learning set in the most beautiful place in the world. Many thanks.

Tim D 'offay,United Kingdom

  • International Vegetarian Food
  • Learn about Darjeeling Tea Making
  • Toy Train Ride
  • Taste the finest teas of the world
  • Board Games
  • Satellite TV
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