Refreshing surroundings at Goomtee Bungalow

    The Gooomtee Bungalow was built by Mr. Henry Montgomery Lennox as a residence for his family.


    He chose the most attractive location with brilliant views on all sides.


    Over the years the bungalow was expanded and renovated extensively while retaining the original character.


    The polished wooden floors and moulded ceiling are magnificient.


    Please remember, Goomtee Resort is not a commercial venture,

    rather an invitation from the present owners to experience the life of a Darjeeling Tea Planter.


    In 1956 the Kejriwal family and Mr. Mahabir Prasad jointly acquired the property. Since then,

    the Bungalow has served as a residence for the visiting Directors and their families.


    Now this opportunity is being extended to all who want to experience a stay

    which can change the way one think’s about vacations.


    Goomtee Bungalow now opens its doors to all Holiday Makers.


    We invite you to enjoy our hospitality.

Clients Testimonials

Birds singing. Flowers pretty. Star's shining. Moon's rising. Darjeeling is nice place.

Shinichi Okada, Japan

We shall remember the beauty of Goomtee Estate. Thank you for your hospitality. Your kindness and your introduction to the tea production process.

Constantin Pavleas & Stephanie Alest, France

What a beautiful garden, and such a lovely and friendly hospitality. Now I know where to come for the most peaceful valley, and the most restorative clouds and flowers. And the best cups of tea.

Elizabeth Hightower, NM, USA

Goomtee is Temple to Tea and learning set in the most beautiful place in the world. Many thanks.

Tim D 'offay,United Kingdom

  • International Vegetarian Food
  • Learn about Darjeeling Tea Making
  • Toy Train Ride
  • Taste the finest teas of the world
  • Board Games
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