Our Vegetarian Menu

    Choose Vegetarian for a Healthy Living


    There is an experienced chef and well trained staff for homely service.


    Available Cuisine are:

    North/South Indian, Gorkha, Chinese, Continental, Italian as per prior request.

    Best quality ingredients are used. Cooking is done under hygienic conditions.

    Bottled water is served to all guests.

    We promote and serve Vegetarian food for a healthy living. However, milk products and eggs are available.


    Our Customers can choose from a wide range of locally grown vegetables and our chef will cook a
    mouth watering sumptuous meal.

    But we suggest you should try these

    For Breakfast :
    • Just toast, tea and fruit
    • Corn flakes, vegetable sandwiches, cheese toast
    • Fried potatoes seasoned with ground chiles and a sweet farina pudding
    • Beverage
    • Fresh lemonade
    For Lunch :
    • Green salad
    • Dal is a wonderful blend of lentils, eggplant, tomato, carrot, potato and spices.
    • Crisp, freshly roasted papad (lentil wafer)
    • Sweet tomato chutney seasoned with panch phoron
    • Green peas pullao delicately seasoned with cinnamon, cloves and cardamom
    • Spicy green peas
    • Fried rice with cucumber
    For Dinner :
    • Freshly made chapatis that are smaller and far more delicate
    • For dessert the chef can offer kheer or shahi toast.

Clients Testimonials

Birds singing. Flowers pretty. Star's shining. Moon's rising. Darjeeling is nice place.

Shinichi Okada, Japan

We shall remember the beauty of Goomtee Estate. Thank you for your hospitality. Your kindness and your introduction to the tea production process.

Constantin Pavleas & Stephanie Alest, France

What a beautiful garden, and such a lovely and friendly hospitality. Now I know where to come for the most peaceful valley, and the most restorative clouds and flowers. And the best cups of tea.

Elizabeth Hightower, NM, USA

Goomtee is Temple to Tea and learning set in the most beautiful place in the world. Many thanks.

Tim D 'offay,United Kingdom

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